El Vellón – Arroyo del Monte – Quebraones – Quarries – Hermitage – El Vellón

It is a circular route of about 8 or 9 km. It begins in the urban center of El Vellón, during a short section, it passes through a secondary road until it reaches the Ortéñigo road and the Arroyo del Monte.

Once you reach Arroyo del Monte, there is a tour along a small valley, where the Cave of La Mora is located, with steep areas for climbing activities. Once the valley is left behind, you ascend a path, until you reach the Quebraones area, of high originality and landscape interest, for its limestone formations and dense vegetation that cover them.

Then we will continue through a path of the Canal de Isabel II towards the area of abandoned quarries. The road that follows then leads us to a small waterway and a watering hole (Caño Linares), and to the Hermitage of San Blas, after which we will finish at the center of El Vellón.