El Vellón – El Berrocal – Boyal Grassland –Venturada Watchtower – El Vellón

This route runs through the northwest area, through about 6 km.

It begins in the urban center of El Vellón, from where we will climb through the Emisora Road to El Berrocal. Then you take the path of Pozo del Romero, with a landscape of large holm oaks and mother rock formations.

After leaving that road, you take one that borders the wall of the Boyal Grassland, where the Venturada Watchtower will appear, just between the two municipalities. Through the path that crosses the Grassland, we will see the characteristic landscape with bushy vegetation, and grazing animals (depending on the season).

Finally, we will take the road back to the center of El Vellón.